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Batalha Monastery

Batalha Monastery
The Batalha Monastery is a monument not to be missed: kids will find it impressive and love all the little details, such as the gargoyles, the cloyster labyrint like shrubs and the efect of the light across the stained glass.
Pumpkin family visited the Monument and loved it!

On 14 August 1385, close to the site of the monastery at Batalha, an event took place that was to prove decisive for the consolidation of the Portuguese nation. D. João, the Master of Avis and the future King of Portugal, defeated the Castilian army at the Battle of Aljubarrota. This victory brought an end to a dynastic crisis that had dragged on since 1383, when the King D. Fernando had died. His only daughter was married to the King of Castile, who laid claim to the throne of Portugal.

D. João dedicated the monastery to the Virgin Mary, whom he had called upon to beseech God to grant him victory. He gave the monastery to the Dominican Order, to which his confessor belonged. This was the beginning of a project whose construction work would last for almost two centuries and resulted in one of the most fascinating Gothic monuments in the Iberian Peninsula. Its great architectural value and historical significance led to the building being classified as World Heritage in 1983.

A visit to the monastery’s interior is, of course, mandatory, but, if possible, do not miss the great spectacle of the monastery’s night-time illumination, which greatly enhances its exuberant beauty and gives the carefully carved stonework a look of genuine magnificence that you will never forget.

The Monastery of Batalha may welcome school groups for guided tours and activities, including staged tours with historical characters.

For more information contact the education service of Batalha Monastery.

Close by you my also visit the Exploratorium and the Centro de Interpretação da Batalha de Aljubarrota.


Address: Largo Infante Dom Henrique 2440 Batalha


Tel. 244 765 Fax. 244767184 497 Email: [email protected]

More Info: www.mosteirobatalha.pt/


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