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Mums and Baby – Tots sing along

Mums and Baby/Tots sing along ;)

Mums and Baby/Tots sing along ;)

Hi lovely mamas!

We’re going to have a sing along Mums and baby/Tots afternoon at Aldeia.

I’ll bring some songs and a very few instruments I have (you’re welcome to bring some too).

I only know nursery rhymes/songs in English, so you’re welcome to bring a few ideas of songs in other languages and contribute to the mess 😉

Is quite easy to park at Aldeia and they have lovely coffee, cake, toasts and other things, so we can have lanche there 😉

There’s plenty of books and toys too (we’re not going to sing for the 2 hours!)

Feel free to invite other mums too 😉
Dads are also welcome!

Looking forward to seeing you,

Susan (and Elisa – 13 months)

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